LeBron James Sets New Record in February 2018

LeBron James Sets New Record in February 2018

LeBron James remains one of the best basketball players of our time and continues to strengthen his hold as a legend in the game. He ended the month achieving a triple-double for the first time in his profession after making 31 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists during the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-123 win over the Nets on Tuesday night. This season has seen LeBron achieve 12 triple-doubles and 67 in his career.


LeBron admitted that he never looked at himself as a scorer but was impressed by the performance of his predecessors such as Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and Russell Westbrook, and he would like to be included in that category. LeBron became the first player in NBA history to record more than 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds, and 8,000 assists. He intimated that he was overwhelmed to have achieved that considering the long list of great players who have all been in the NBA.


In his legendary 15-year career, LeBron has always taken pride in being a triple threat, and his goal was to enjoy every game that he plays. LeBron said that he would like to be regarded as an all-around basketball player and gets more delight out of the assists than anything.


LeBron has played in all the 60 of Cavaliers matches this season and said he was grateful to the team for giving him the chance to do what he needs to do to help. His teammates praised his efforts and said that it was refreshing to play alongside a superstar who has demonstrated consistency in his basketball career. Cavalier forward Larry Nance Jr. said he would be surprised if someone succeeded past LeBron’s accomplishments.

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