Milwaukee's Larry Sanders Misses Game Number 7

Milwaukee's Larry Sanders Misses Game Number 7

Larry Sanders, who plays center for the Milwaukee Bucks, missed his seventh game in a row Tuesday night, as the Bucks suffered a loss against the Phoenix Suns, 102-96.

Sanders was, however, present at the game. Sporting casual attire, he sat on the bench to support his team mates, who have been rather silent on the topic of his absence. Sanders' last appearance in a game was on December 23, when the Bucks faced Charlotte. The team has only said that Sanders took a leave of absence due to personal reasons, a quite vague answer, and one that sparked even more questions about Sanders and his career.

Some wonder whether Sanders is planning to end his basketball career or struggling with a serious personal issue. Sanders spoke with reporters recently and announced that there is no schedule for when he will get back into playing with the team. Yet, he did state that was making progress and addressing his issues, and said that those problems need to be corrected before coming back to basketball.

Dismissing thoughts that he is walking away from the sport forever, Sanders did say that without making progress on his internal struggles, basketball is something he just would not be able to do.

Sanders currently holds a $44 million contract with the Bucks, which is in its first of four years. Averaging 7.3 points per game, her started almost every game before pulling out. Team mates say they are going to support Sanders and want him back to the team as soon as possible.


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