Stephen Curry after NBA Finals Game 5

Stephen Curry after NBA Finals Game 5

After the glorious win of Golden State Warriors against Cleveland Cavaliers with a score if 104-91, Stephen Curry, Warriors player seemed to be unwell. 

After attending the news conference where he discussed his performance in the Game 5, Curry left the place in discomfort and went to the team’s locker room. Stephen Curry had made seven rebounds, 37-points and a 4 assist performance in the Game 5, where the team won with a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals series. 

After a checkup, it was announced that Curry was dehydrated and is expected to rest for a while. He would be fine soon. After his tremendous performance that pushed his team to tie the series, a bit of dehydration was expected. Since the player is otherwise fine, he would resume playing in Game 6 that will take place in Cleveland on Tuesday.

We are looking forward to the best match of NBA finals 2015. 


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