What James Is Doing To Get Ready

What James Is Doing To Get Ready

Lebron James has a style that he uses in order to get ready for every single game. This process begins at the end of every game. At this moment, James drinks a lot of fluids that are filled with rich carbohydrates. These carbohydrate fluid drinks keep James hydrated, and they also keep him full of energy, too. This helps him focus on the next game and the next game plan. 

Another thing that Lebron James does is soak in ice. Though this feels bad, James knows it is helping his body. This ice heals any bruises he may be experiencing at the time. This ice also brings down his body temperature, so he stays more relaxed and more focused. 

Whenever James is on a plane, he constantly drinks liquids, particularly he carbohydrate drinks. This is because being on a plane in the air naturally makes people dehydrate. James wants to be ready to go from the moment he steps off the plan. 

Before the game begins, James also works out on a stationary bike. This helps James get loose and get ready to score points. James is trying to add more to this routine. 

Beyond all of this, James also has the best trainers in the world around him. This helps him become better in all of his strategies before every single game. This also helps him become better at being a person on and off the court. These trainers push James physically and mentally all the time. James, however, wants them to push him more. 


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