Who are two leading players for the NBA Chicago Bulls?

Who are two leading players for the NBA Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls have been blazing the basketball court since 1966. Their greatest success was seen in the 1990’s when the team was led by the Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson who became Hall of Fame members. The Chicago Bulls are perhaps the only NBA basketball franchise that has never lost an NBA final. They are also the only team recorded to have won over 70 games in one season. Their rivals include Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, and lately, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here are the two leading players for the Bulls now:

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy is now one of the most valuable players, scoring 20 points in every game this season. He won the award for NBA’s Most Improved Player. He also just re-signed an extended contract for $90 million with the Chicago Bulls franchise. This boy from Texas is very busy and has given more than a 1,000,000 interviews last year. For now, he is an All-Star player, loves Taylor Swift and has Mark Walberg for a bestie!

Pau Gasgol

The number of awards Pau has won is commendable; he has been an All-Star five times, All-NBA selection four times, and has 2 NBA championships. He was the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2002. He is of Spanish origin and recently signed with the Chicago Bulls after a stint with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Lakers. He already holds two Silver Olympic medals with the basketball team from Spain. He is a great 7-ft. tall player, usually plays forward, and center positions.

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