Who is the best player on the court?

Who is the best player on the court?

College basketball is a very big thing in the US and a sure path for good players to a golden future via NBA. Most new players get drafted by NBA teams right form the benches of college. This season it’s said that anything can happen, there are several teams with a chance to win the title and the struggle to be on top will be very interesting to watch.

However it seems that one player has made himself very noticed and is rated as the top player on the field by different sources. His name is Jahlil Okafor and he plays for the Duke Blue Devils team. Why is he considered the best on the field?

Well for starters his stats are 19.7 points, 1.7 blocks and 8.7 rebounds per game. That’s a lot of activity, you do the math. As stated previously the fight for the title is very tight, however if Okafur hadn’t been there his team, the Blue Devils would have probably lost at least a couple of games, against Wisconsin and Connecticut. Another reason is constancy. Even though he may not shine every game he always plays an important part in the team’s game and holds his part of the bargain.

If the NBA Drafts would start at this moment it’s a high probability that Jahlil Okafor would make number 1. However unless any unforeseen circumstances occur it’s a sure thing Okafor will make the NBA.


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