Johnson-Thompson Won’t Defend Her Title at Prestigious Gotzis

Johnson-Thompson Won’t Defend Her Title at Prestigious Gotzis

The renowned player Katarina Johnson-Thompson won’t defend her own title at the famous Gotzis Hyp-meeting in country Austria later this month as she isn’t adequately prepared. The 22-year-old star player finished second in the popular 200 meters hurdles at famous Great City Games in city Manchester.

Due to a knee injury, the European Indoor champion’s official training has thoroughly been disrupted.
“Most of the preparation essential to compete throughout all events has completely been lost,” said Mike Holmes, the coach of Johnson-Thompson.
Without any doubt, the news has come as a disappointment to those sport enthusiasts who are anticipating an interesting fight in Austria between Katrina Olympic champions called Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Holmes explained it has been “essential to mimic on how the season must proceed” following Manchester as well as that the Liverpudlian’s main goal would now be the globe championships in Beijing. “However, it quite early to declare that she is not going to participate in coming games but still it can be said that she’s not going to participate in coming match in Austria, “ said the coach.

Johnson-Thompson has set herself as an ideal heptathlete in the globe over the last twelve months, especially winning the significant Gotzis meeting in 2014 with a score that placed her third on the famous British all time player list.
In the month of March, she also broke the indoor pentathlon record of Ennis-Hill and became European indoor winner or champion. “She is certainly the best player and we can hope she will back soon getting rid of her physical injuries,” said her coach.  



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