Arnold Schwarzenegger Guards Our Future On and Off the Screen

Arnold Schwarzenegger Guards Our Future On and Off the Screen

Last month former California governor and action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke at the Munich Security Conference advocating clean energy for global security. Schwarzenegger opened his talk stating, “When I think back almost 50 years ago, I worked out here in Munich. I lived here for the Mr. Universe Competition, which I won.” That victory landed him a lead role in The Terminator franchise, launching his career as humanity’s salvation.

In 2003, when Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California, he promised to promote and expand California’s mission to protect the environment, continuing his efforts to protect civilization. Schwarzenegger is tenacious, now saving the world off and on the screen following his recent reintroduction into Hollywood.

The fifth installment of The Terminator franchise, “Terminator: Genisys,” is scheduled for release this summer. At age 66 many would assume that Schwarzenegger’s role as an action hero would have slowed down by now. However he not only remains The Terminator but also continues his political efforts to combat pollution.

In an interview with Sabotage regarding the obvious age issue surrounding the nearly indestructible Terminator, Schwarzenegger states, “It’s a machine underneath, right? It’s a metal skeleton. But above that is, is human flesh and the Terminator’s flesh ages just like any other human being.” We’ll see to what extent we will have to suspend disbelief in “Terminator: Genisys,” but until then Schwarzenegger will continue his fight to save the real world.


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