Cristiano Ronaldo Remains One Of The Highest Paid Athlete With A Pay Of $79.6 Million

Cristiano Ronaldo Remains One Of The Highest Paid Athlete With A Pay Of $79.6 Million

The storm called Cristiano Ronaldo took birth in a small island-city in Portugal. The professional footballer plays in the Portuguese national team besides being a part of Real Madrid. Ronaldo was recognised as an eminent football player from an early age. A football club, Sporting Portugal, took him on board in 2001 at the age of 16.

He had the potential to  bring his rivals to the knees in a match against Manchester United. His magnificent performance earned him a ticket to Manchester United in 2003 for a bit more than 12 million pounds. His excellent manipulation of the football saw the team win several games. The following 2004 FA Cup final saw Ronaldo steer his team to success.

Meanwhile, things were not so bright at the domestic front. Ronaldo lost his father in 2007 to over-consumption of alcohol, while his mother battled with breast-cancer.

The year 2009 saw Real Madrid paying Ronaldo $131 million to shift loyalties to the Spanish soccer club. He won the FIFA Player of the Year Award several times including stints in 1996, 1997 and 2002. He went on to win several other awards down the years including Ballon d'OR and the Golden Boot.

Standing at a height of 6"1', Ronaldo is one of the tallest of contemporary athletes. His talents were cashed in on his skills at being a right-winger, but he went on to develop a free-reined attacking style as a forward. His dexterity at manipulating the football with his legs is one of the most amazing in the world.


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