Ryan Lochte sets record in 200m at the US Open

Ryan Lochte sets record in 200m at the US Open

Bryan Lochte broke Michael Phelps’ record for the 200 m of 1:59.26. The new record was 1 minute, 59.24 seconds. But this did not seem to make him too proud. “A little disappointed,” he said after breaking Michael Phelps’ meet record of 10 years ago.

"Whether I broke a world record or not, I always feel like I could go faster. No matter what the time was tonight, I knew I could go faster," Lochte said. "Overall, that was just not a good race."

Lochte did well and was second on the first turn.  He caught up on the second on the return, which seemed pretty easy to the swimmer.  But, of course, Lochte was very critical of his performance. "The first part of the fly I felt fine and then I don’t know what happened," he said. "I think I tried too hard and it just backfired on me."

Ryan Lochte, who set the 200 IM world and American record (1:54:00) on July 28, 2011, had been suspended for 10 months after participating in an incident at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  This meet of four days at Nassau County Aquatics Center was actually Lochte first USA Swimming-sanctioned event after that suspension. 

He made it to fifth place in the 100 backstroke on Saturday. Lochte then expressed that he saw the 200 IM as an "indicator" of what he needed to work on in order to make it to the Olympic team for 2020.  He then said how he had been only training "once or twice" a week. 

"It’s time for me to start doing my job. I’m not going to take a break after this. I’m just going to get back in and actually start training and start getting focused and start my swimming journey for 2020," Lochte said. "I (have) three years. I need to get back to training and actually train. There’s only one way to go now and that’s up."

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