Carbins Beat X-women in CIS championship

Carbins Beat X-women in CIS championship

The 6th placed Montreal Carabins women’s hockey team triumph over the X-women at the 2015CIS championship. Though a goal was denied in the dying moments of the game, Montreal Carabins managed to take home the bronze medal after defeating x-women 2-1.

Laurence Beaulieu played a big role by setting up both the opener and the final goals which assured the Carabins of victory. Known for their comeback victories the X-women failed to beat the powerful Montreal Carabins who dominated the game entirely. Even so, X-women fought a though fight to the end. This is evident by how StFX’s  Alex Normore passed the puck dangerously through a Montreal defender to Kata Power who was unmarked infront.She appeared to tip the puck as Elodie  Rousseau-sirios toppled the net making the referees canceled the goal. Montreal narrowly escaped X-women’s wrath.

Montreal were composed and managed StFX’s pressure skillfully to the end. This gave them the chance to hold pressure on StFX’s half for a large fraction of the first period. This pressure bored fruits with Montreal heading the score sheet 12-8 at the end of the first half.

With little action on the second half the third was filled with drama as the X-women strived to come back to the game. It was bit to late though for the X=women as the game finished with 2-1 score.

This is the 6th  year since inception and Montreal are adding another medal to their cabinet. They have won the title in 2013 and were first runners up in 2012 and 2014.Only the best can be expected from the team in future.


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