Why has snowboarding become more popular than skiing?

Why has snowboarding become more popular than skiing?

In the months of winter and in the few places on earth habitable to humans, winter sports are all the rage. Resorts have sprung up at very high altitudes catering to snowboarders and skiers. For those not familiar with the disciplines, the differences between the two are that one employs a broad board and the other has two thin, long boards, which require two poles to push the skier or balance on turns.


Many winter resorts banned snowboarding and stayed banned until the 1990’s and the 2000’s. Skis have been around longer than snowboards. Resort owners opted to ban snowboards to save the slopes for the usual and conventional skiers. Snowboarding is becoming more popular, and skiing has a lot to contribute to its growing popularity. As is common, the youth tends to go for the uncommon things and do what their parents do not understand. Snowboarding became popular in the 1990’s. As the youth of the time grew to adulthood, the sport continued to grow in popularity.

Snowboarding becomes the automatic choice for skateboarders. The snowboard is easy to maneuver and operate for an experienced skateboarder.

Olympics Recognition

Any sport recognized by the Olympics is sure to be a hit. Snowboarding made its debut at the 1998 Olympics Games held in Nagano, Japan. There has been a myriad of courses adopted by the Olympics, like the Parallel slalom, which replaced by the giant slalom, and the half pipe. One of the greats to add popularity to the sport is American x-Games superstar Shaun White, winner of two gold medals in 2006 and 2010 at the Winter Olympics in Turin and Vancouver for impressive tricks on the half pipe.

Snowboarding is more versatile and has more options for application than skis. It is for the above reasons that snowboards are becoming more popular, and skis have taken a back seat to the snowboard.

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