Aerial fitness is the new craze

Aerial fitness is the new craze

There are clubs all over the world offering aerial gymnastics, yoga, and exercises for children and adults of both sexes. One club states aerial exercises are “the ultimate way to develop a strong foundation. It builds strength, increases flexibility, improves balance, quickens motor skills, and creates a sense of mind body awareness. Its benefits are simply unparalleled by anything else.”

In this type of exercise, practitioners practice with the piece of cloth that is suspended from the ceiling. In aerial yoga, fitness depends on shifting the body weight because the participant leaves the ground during his or her whole exercise.

Aerial yoga improves the body’s ability to stretch that is not possible on the ground. People also feel comfortable to practice aerial yoga due to being able to be cradled in the soft piece of cloth. Mostly silk is used because silk can withstand two thousand pounds of weight. This type of yoga also strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and legs.

Clubs offer exercise classes with instructors, summer camps, and team participation.

According to those who enjoy aerial exercises say it is the best way to keep them fit and they enjoy the fun of exercise at the same time. Nowadays aerial yoga is considered a popular dance form. The young generation is crazy about this form of yoga and exercise due to numerous fitness advantages and having fun at the same time.





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