The Best Body-weight Workouts For Losing Weight

The Best Body-weight Workouts For Losing Weight

In our previous article, on how you can be able to lose weight through simple bodyweight workouts that don’t take up all of your time, we touched on a number of workouts that you could take immediately for your goal of losing weight. In this article we will be picking up where we left of by focusing on another bunch of exercise which just like the other ones won’t take up most of your time but are bound to give you the desired results.

The first workout

Do this work out as a ladder sequence (like doing one of each exercise once, then twice all the way up till you reach 10) so as to achieve the desired maximum effect. Like in previous exercises record time each time you perform these exercise and try beat it the next time.

Jump Lunges
Leg Raises

Second workout

Do one exercise after the other one as many times as possible for at least 45 minutes daily.

Inverted Row (15 times)
Handstand Push-Ups (8 – 10 times)
Side Lying Oblique (Hold for 20 seconds for both sides)
Pistol to Bench (10 times)

Third workout

For this workout do 30 seconds for each of the exercises. Take breaks of 15 seconds every time you finish doing a particular exercise.

Clap Push-Ups/regular/knee
Mountain Climbers

Inverted Row (feet adjusted as needed)

Alternating Reverse Lunges
Plank to Push-Up

So there you have it, bodyweight workouts which are bound to help you lose weight even if you don’t have enough time to fully workout.  



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