What is High Intensity Interval Training?

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. It is doing bouts of intense workout coupled with equal amounts of rest.

Choosing to do this is a very important decision. It makes every muscle of your body ache and you could feel muscle pain. In fact, critics have been arguing that this workout routine may actually discourage more people from working out altogether.

The proverb no pain, no gain fits really well here, because there is a whole lot more to gain from this workout! Therefore, only the ones with a very strong will could truly endure the HIIT ordeal.

Studies have shown that people who are couch potatoes can actually benefit more from the workout than athletes who train regularly or the regular gym rats who are fit already. In a 30-minute workout, you do 4 minutes of intense working out followed by 5 min of rest, then 3 minutes of workout and 3 minutes of rest and repeated once to equal 30 minutes. It is up to you to choose the workout you want to do; it could be running, pushups, treadmill, or cycling.

Besides, this workout is good for health as it boosts the oxygen level in your body to the max!

With HIIT, the results are much more effective and faster than regular gym exercises! There are 5-6 workouts in one session and doing them a few times in a week can show positive results in just two weeks!


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