Water polo

Sport played in a pool with two teams of seven opposing players who attempt to score points at the opposite goal using a ball.


Game comprising of executing easy to complex plunges into the water from a stage or a


Game comprising of swimming a characterized separation (which differs relying upon the four perceived stroke classes) as fast as could reasonably be expected


Sports route honed on a sailboat. There are a few classes of sailboats and different sorts of rivalries, for example, regattas and transoceanic races.


Coasting board with a sail; it is utilized as a part of windsurfing, a game comprising of skimming on water.

Canoe-kayak: whitewater

Game comprising of a pace race in a straight line; races occur on the cool water in kayaks or kayaks with one or more places.

Rowing and sculling

Game of going in a kayak or kayak in water running from smooth to turbulent in a waterway or man-made course

Canoe-kayak: flat-water racing

Game comprising of a pace race in a straight line over a greatest separation of 2000 m; races happen on cool water in pontoons intended for the reason.

Scuba jumping

Game comprising of diving submerged and swimming around; it could be possible holding one's breath or with scuba gear.


Game comprising of riding the side of a breaking wave on a surfboard.

Water skiing

The game in which the skier is towed by a speedboat and skims on the surface of the water on maybe a couple skis; there are various controls, including hopping, slalom and figures.  


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