The Scuba Mask Of The Future May Be Coming

The Scuba Mask Of The Future May Be Coming

Waterproof watches and cameras are so old news these days. Now we just might be entering a new era in underwater technology with a digital scuba mask.

The Scubus S, which is currently in development, aims to bring tech to a piece of diving equipment that has always been less than sexy. The digitized mask features a heads-up display to show specific information to the diver. The depth and temperature of the water will be readable on the new mask, as well as the time.

There will even be a simple messaging feature on the mask, which will allow the diver to communicate with others traversing the deep blue sea. The chat system uses acoustic waves rather than Bluetooth, which does not work underwater. Due to restrictions with bandwidth, signal, and data rates, the chat messages divers will be able to send will be defaults, not customized sentences. For example, a diver may choose an “Emergency” or a “Look over there” message to their buddies. The messages are based on common hand signals that divers are accustomed to using.

An added feature to the Scubus S is a built-in camera that can also record video. The mask's maximum water depth is 40 meters, and a flashlight is also built into it for the diver's use when waters get dark and vision is impaired.

The mask is a step forward for scuba divers, and while crowdfunding for the device began a few months ago, many diving enthusiasts are getting excited.


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