Water sports

Water sports

There are a large number of sports that involve water. The following is a list of water sports. These classes are based on the relation of the sports to the water.

Water polo



Water Aerobics  etc.

 Some of the sports include only one part related to swimming, such as a triathlon.

Water polo is a team water sport. This game consists of 4 quarters (or periods) in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into their foe's goal, at the end the team with the most goals of the game is winning team. A team consists of 6 field players and one goalkeeper in the water at any one time. In addition to this, teams may have extra field players and one extra goalkeeper who are not in the water. Water polo is typically played in an all-deep pool (usually at least 1.8m deep or 5.9 feet), and players require stamina and endurance to play the game.

Water polo is an interaction sport. Minor fouls occur frequently and exclusion fouls (in which a player is suspended from the game for 20 seconds) are common.

Other games are also played with zeal and zest and they are played as a passion and are the cause of strength, will power and motivation.



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